So my aunt was admitted to hospital today…. Details are vague atm, since my parents like disclose information from me…. But in the back of my mind, I keep thinking, why all these things just keep happening to me…. :/

There is a sort of romanticised notion to dying young, forever being remembered as the fresh faced, ambitious, free spirited human… but also there is a preconceived idea that it is tragic, almost saddened…. But what if they were in pain, deep agony that couldn’t be fixed? And that somehow dying was a release from the reigns of society.

I am not saying I wish people to die young, there is a lot I believe a person should experience before leaving the temporal world, but lately, with everything going on in the past couple months I couldn’t help thing about the more, disturbed and dark concepts of human nature… you know murder, suicide, cutting….

And I guess I am partially fascinated by these, but a part of me also, sorta craves it… Oh god I am gonna lose followers from this, but, I guess I am sorta saying, life has suddenly been difficult lately, and maybe I won’t mind escaping for a while…. yeah I will stop there before I have the police called on me.

Drip drip, watch it fall,
Like rose petals caressing,
Whisper, hear the voices call,
Do it again, ice, cold, pain,
Your feelings dull and suppressing,
What else is there to gain?