As my day draws to its end (measured by when I sleep), I think it is safe to say one of the best days I have ever had….

First, today was only a half day at school, meaning I finished at 1:15, to further this great school day, all my good subjects were piled into one day.

First period I had ethics, where we watched this film about stem cells…. I cried, cos the theme was cancer! Second period I had Biology, always good :) third and fourth, I had double HHD, my favourite subject!!

To end the school day I had a double study period, fifth and sixth, which I spent with my friends watching Fired Up, yep we are so cool!

After school, a friend and I went Formal dress shopping, we both found dresses we loved, I unfortunately have a smaller budget than her, and well fallen in love a dress I can’t have…. Saddest part I look super skinny and tall in it. Not to mention S.E.X.Y.

Then to wrap this all in a cute package throughout the day, I comforted 2 people :)

So goodnight, sweet dreams and I love you all!